Holy Halloween Batman!

Man that was a great weekend!  So good in fact, I forgot to write about it.

    Dressed in Susan's high school basketball uniform I slammed into the weekend with one goal, to dance with some super funky people. Halloween holds a special place in my heart. I really feel like you see the best in people during this holiday. The effort alone that people put into their costumes is incredible. Friday night was a stacked line up of northern talent. Leading off was Mr. M playing a super groovy set and warming up the dance floor for yours truly. He did a fantastic job! I know, because when he finished the dance floor was bumping! Playing in Terrace for a crowd of around 170 well dressed people was a treat! It got real sweaty in there. Good thing I was wearing a headband! After me was Dj Dan. Playing his electro to the delight of the local fans. Finishing the night was DJ Zuu. He kept the crowd going till closing time. I feel like people had a great time because no one wanted to leave!  While all this was going on my good friend Aaron dazzled the crowd with stunning visuals and digital art that he has made over the years. This really added to the overall atmosphere having 3 huge screens.

     After what felt like a quick nap, it was off to Smithers to play the Dawn2Dusk Witch's Brew put on by the B.V Kinettes. Man can they throw a show! I was super happy to be there playing the halloween show for the 3rd time. This year I was playing along side my local homies Ranger Dan and Smithers local DJ Alvalanche. Just walking in there to do sound check I was immediately impressed with the decorations. The effort the Kinettes put into their shows is incredible. The stage looked amazing. Couldn't wait to get set up. While Ranger Dan did their sound check, I worked on a remix of one of their songs to surprise them later that evening. With Sound check complete and dinner done, it was time to party! DJ Alvalanche warmed up the crowd playing a mix of electro remixs and funky bass style tunes. He was dressed like a Ninja with many weapons and he was't afraid to use them! Ranger Dan was up next. They always get the crowd going with their original style of punk rock and folk. We have shared the stage many times so I know what to expect from a crowd after they are done! They are pumped up and ready to keep dancing. And Dance they did... I finished at around 2:30 that night and I'll bet people would have kept going. Ok so maybe a bunch of us did keep the party going. Just not there. There was an afterparty in town and I did't what to miss that! DJ Avalanche and Si FI were playing when i got there. I plugged in and jammed for while around the roaring fire and it was a blast. It was time to head back to the hotel and crash. What a night. Big thanks to Dave Harris and the B.V Kinettes for having me out again. You guys do amazing work and it is a real treat to work with you. 
    Next show is with Ranger Dan in Terrace on Dec 3rd. The show is called Deck the Hall. It is at the Elks hall and is the kick off to the holiday season. Hope to see you all there!

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